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Ivana....I just shared your latest blog - Do Most Parents Hate Parenting - with a couple next to me at breakfast....three children controlling the table and the balance of the cafe. I asked if I could draw a picture for each child at my table ... restaurant staff gladly gave me a stack of paper napkins and for fifteen minutes everyone, except me, had a breather. Your story encouraged me to offer those short breaks for parents. Thank you for passing along thoughts on frustration, exhaustion, discovery, compassion, creativity, uniqueness, collaboration, family and love. So, this family has loaded up heading to their destination. In a way you are traveling along side.


Ivana, your blogs inspire us to not just be better moms, but better women –this made my day – thank you! 

Kim Foster MD

Wow, what a wonderful life you seem to have! It would be easy to envy you and your Cinderella story…except you come across as a very warm and genuine person. And I couldn’t agree more, we need to “break the paralyzing myth of motherly perfection.” As a working mom of two young boys, I know all about motherly Imperfection!


I referred a mom with an 18-month-old son to your blog. Because my kids are 25 and 27 years old she seemed surprised to hear that I read and learn so much from your blog. My response was that your insights cross all age groups and all stages of life. This particular blog, for example, reminds me of how critical laughter is to all facets of my life, all year long: with my kids, my work, my friends and at home. Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful words of wisdom and great life reminders! 


This is all so true, making time for oneself is very important, I love all the ideas you put out there for taking a break and slowing down, thank you for your wonder…full blog! 


I am touched and inspired by your blog. I am a busy grandmother of two beautiful girls. One thing I have learned is that life always seems busy. Life was busy when my own daughter was little, it’s still busy today. If we are not careful the unimportant can fill our days leaving no room for what is most important. When my daughter was little I used to tell myself to enjoy every step/stage of her life because I would never walk that path again. It wasn’t (still isn’t) about perfection it’s about savoring what matters most in life. Please continue your blog it is very inspiring and thought provoking.